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General electrical repair
Statewide Electrical Services, Inc. believes that a proactive inspection of your electrical system will avoid costly repairs, that is why we offer a one-time fee inspection of your electrical system for $250.00. This inspection will include the most important part of your electrical installation, starting with the main electrical service, load center, circuit Breakers, GFCI receptacles, and switches.
Electrical service upgrade
Statewide Electrical Services, Inc. has been helping residential customers for more than two decades. Electrical Upgrade has been an important residential project for our customers. The reasons that the electrical service must be upgraded can be different in every project. Here is the list of more common reasons for an electrical service upgrade:
-Fuse box to circuit breakers replacement.
-Electrical panel is insufficient to support the load demanded.
-Electrical panel has been damaged in the interior.
-Electrical panel is not large enough to accommodate all circuit breakers.
-Installation of a new air conditioning with a demand load bigger than the old one.
-Replacing a tank water heater for an instant water heater.
Load center replacement
A few times your load center must be replaced. Here are some of the reasons that will require the load center to be replaced:
-Load center is too small to accommodate all circuit breakers needed for the electrical distribution.
-Load center is not big enough to support the electrical load.
-Replacement of fuse panel to circuit breakers.
-The inferior part of the load center is damaged beyond repair.
Main circuit breaker replacement
Main circuit breakers are often the failure point of the electrical system leaving the property without any power or partial power. A regular inspection of the electrical components will anticipate a failure point in the near future. Statewide Electrical Services, Inc. carries a variety of obsolete main breakers that are offered to our customers with a notable discount. If you are in this situation, call us first to benefit from our circuit breaker inventory.
Circuit breaker replacement
If your house does not have electricity in a particular area, it might be just a light or a receptacle, the chances are that your circuit breaker is tripped or damaged. This is a very simple project that will save you money when you call Statewide Electrical Services, Inc. Our trucks are equipped with different types of circuit Breakers to provide a quick and efficient service to our customers at a very low cost.
Interior & exterior lighting
Statewide Electrical Services, Inc. has been helping our customers with their lighting needs. If it is a decorative light or a recessed light, we can help. Our team is knowledgeable and careful to provide our customers a first-class service. If you project is exterior lighting, we can also help. Statewide Electrical Services, Inc. keeps a close relationship with our main distributors to be able to offer our customers a variety of exterior LED lights for the customers to choose from. Keeping in mind that every project has a budget, we pay close attention to quality, but the cost is also important, we want our customers to be satisfied with the project and the overall cost.
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LED lighting
Replacing your old light bulbs will save you money. Statewide Electrical Services, Inc. keeps a close relationship with our distributors to be able to provide our customers different types of LED lights. Customers will be able to select the color and the intensity for every particular area of the house.
Surge protector
Striking in Florida State are not very unusual, protecting your electrical system might be the best decision you make to avoid costly repair. Statewide Electrical Services, Inc. can provide surge protectors to your electrical system to avoid electrical surge from lightning or the power company. The cost to install this device is very low compared to the peace of mind you will have knowing that your electronics and most important equipment are protected.
Communication cables
Technology is important in today’s activities. Everyone needs a reliable internet connection. If you prefer a hard wire connection to your network, Statewide Electrical Services, Inc. can help with that. Our technicians will provide KAT-5E communication cables including terminations and testing.
CCTV is peace of mind. Statewide Electrical Services, Inc. can provide our customers with different options for your CCTV. Please call us to discuss your CCTV projects.
Generator installation
Having a generator in your home will give you peace of mind knowing that if there is a power outage for whatever reason, you will not be without power, that will keep you and your family with no interruption in your daily activities. Statewide Electrical Services, Inc. can offer our customers a variety of different generators depending on your needs.
Statewide Electrical Services, Inc. will complete the project starting with the electrical drawing, permitting, installation, and inspections.
Smoke detectors
Smoke detectors are always there. How do you know they are ready to send an alarm when they need to? Annual inspections of the smoke detectors are recommended by the manufacturer; battery voltage and wiring connections are essential for their functionality. Call today for your smoke detectors inspections, be sure they will work when you need them.
Receptacle installation
Sometimes you need only one receptacle in one particular area. Statewide Electrical Services, Inc. specialty are these types of work, when the customer needs a certified electrician to do a small work; we always make sure that the installation meets local and state codes and also important; the customer pays a fair price when you call Statewide Electrical Services, Inc. your satisfaction is guaranteed.
Statewide Electrical Services, inc. also offers construction equipment for rent:

*Truck Loaders
*Cable Puller & Cable Feeder
Solar Panels
Please call us to get your estimate


  • General repair

  • Electrical service upgrade

  • Load center replacement

  • Main circuit breaker replacement

  • Rentals

  • Circuit breaker replacement

  • Interior / exterior lighting

  • Receptacle installation

  • Surge protector

  • Solar Panels

  • Generator installation

  • Communication cables

  • CCTV

  • LED lighting

  • Smoke detectors

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